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Jamey Robinson

San Marcos, California
i was born. moved to sd. danced for a while. stopped. went to school. made lots of friends and got in a lot of trouble. problems at home. foster care. moved around. changed schools...a lot. joined pom dance. promoted from middle school. back home. back to sd. reconnected with old friends. made some new. bored. joined guard. liked guard. danced a lot more. loved performing. loved dance. loved guard. joined version 1. fell deeply in love with someone who didn't know/care. didn't care if he cared. hurt myself. decisions. future. tests...college? found what i wanted in life. stopped giving a damn what they thought. started doing what i felt was right. turned 18. dad wants me out. i left. mom wants me back. came back. tension. numb. relief. happiness. graduation. grad nite. called number in envelope. interview at 4 same day. job at vector. elated...1st job. hard fucking work. annoyed. elated. annoyed. elated. friends at work. happy atmosphere. love my job. no sales. hate my job. yay a sale. love my job again. got used to using public transit. met a guy...on the bus. got my first kiss. never saw him again. didn't really care. quit vector. started palomar. angry dad. no more love. don't care. love classes. learning a lot. love choreo. need to get out of home. got a job at ihop. people are funny. met a guy. came to extreme talent because of that guy. found a family in ext. life is better with them around. still problems at home. growing closer to mom. farther from dad. learning to cope. finding strength in myself. growing confidece with my dance skills and in myself. made a stupid mistake. found beauty in myself. there's more to the story...it just hasn't happened yet. =)