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FLOW is a 5 man rock band. With twin vocals and strong, catchy melodies that make them stand out, they also have a wide music range, from pop to rock. Starting with the opening theme song “GO!!!" for Naruto, and the opening theme song “DAYS" forPsalms of Planets Eureka seveN, they have released many hit songs since their debut in 2003. A number of which can be heard in a variety of anime titles such as Code Geass and Seven Deadly Sins. FLOW is also known for their energetic, live performances. In 2015, they succeeded in doing a world tour across 8 countries, including Japan, South America, Taiwan, America, Canada, and so on, crossing borders and going around the world. In Summer 2016, they will be releasing a new single which will feature the opening theme song for the 20thanniversary TV anime of the popular RPG game “Tales Of" series, as well as the newest title in the series, Tales of Berseria.